Facelifts: How to Get Similar Results Without Surgery

Facelifts: How to Get Similar Results Without Surgery
Movie stars get it done. Fashion models get it done. Television personalities get it done.
Many famous and fashionable people turn to facelifts in order to appear younger. While it's true that these options can tighten loose skin and reduce fine wrinkles, there are many detrimental side effects and risks associated with getting a facelift. These include:
  • Pain - Lasting 2 weeks to 6 months
  • Numbness - For 6-8 months, and up to 18 month around stitch lines
  • Swelling - You may be unrecognizable for weeks
  • Bruising - Up to 8 weeks of looking battered
  • Surgery Risks - Including infection, adverse reaction to the anesthesia, failure to properly heal, or a doctor who goes "too far" once you're on the table.
Facelifts can also be expensive. Between the operating room rental, anesthesia, the physician's fee and other associated costs, people can pay between eight and fifteen thousand dollars. This isn't for a high-end celebrity plastic surgeon, simply a reputable practice—and while you may find cheaper rates at some medical practices, you really shouldn't go to a discount doctor when having work done on your face.
Needless to say, for most people, that's a lot of money to spend on an elective procedure. But what's surprising is that even some famous A-listers are now opting to skip a facelift.
Celebrity plastic surgeon and Clinician of the Year recipient, Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy, recently revealed that "many of my high profile patients are now holding off on costly skincare procedures like Botox and invasive facelifts." Instead, he says they are turning to "popular face lift complexes like Rejouvance to yield quick, visible results."
Rejouvance Facelift Complex contains a powerful ingredient called Hydrocylic Peptide-XP. This has been used by Hollywood skin care specialists for years because it affects the skin on a cellular level while still being incredibly gentle on the face. When applied, Hydrocylic Peptide-XP lifts off the dead or dying skin layers, revealing the beautiful, younger skin underneath. That new skin then drinks up the moisturizing elements of Rejouvance, including powerful face lifting peptides, skin rejuvenating antioxidants, vitamins, and moisturizing agents.
The results? A soft, smooth, toned, younger looking face.
This isn't just hype. A 15-day study showed wrinkles that took years to form began to quickly fill in and smooth out. Participants also reported less facial tension, which is one of the purported benefits from Botox injections.
Better still, within 28 days of regular use, deep wrinkles, crow's feet, and other age-induced skin problems were also dramatically improved. And it all happened without risky medical procedures, painful needle pokes, or dangerous chemical skin peels.
Surgery-like results from a topical skin cream — too good to be true? The makers of Rejouvance Facelift Complex are so sure the product will deliver results that they are currently offering a free trial package so you can see its effectiveness before buying the product. Just pay $4.99 shipping and Rejouvance is yours— free to try.
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